- the low-frequency output of a radio, audio system or musical instrumental

Born and raised in Little Havana, a small neighborhood in Miami, FL primarily known for its Cuban immigrant residents. Low bass sounds have been the primary influence behind Hectik Rivero’s music. His sound draws influence from groups like 2 Live Crew and Kraftwerk, to local artist DJ Laz and house legends Moodyman and Carl Cox.

Hectik has been a musician his entire life and has formed a connection to a variety of music genres. At the age of 7 he began his classical training on an assortment of instruments, but true inspiration came in the early 90’s when he was a teenager and experienced his first raves in Miami. Hectik’s father, a collector of records and music enthusiast, contributed to his early exposure to the sounds only vinyl can produce, but when young Hectik saw DJs at Miami raves playing wax, he made an immediate connection and decided to perfect his craft in playing records.

As a young DJ, Hectik’s first gigs were local house parties and the same Miami raves that served as the driving force behind his musical career. When electronic music transitioned from illegal raves to the Miami club scene, he found more opportunities in his hometown clubs. In no time he achieved slots in major Miami clubs, such as Nocturnal where he maintained a 2-year residency, Crobar, and the iconic Club Space.

Hectik’s real influence in the electronic music community was his productions with major releases on labels, such as Circle Music, Mr. Nice Guy Records, WoW! and Pura Music. But then one day, the fire was gone and Hectik Rivero went with it. With no new release in years, we anticipate for what is coming with open arms and ears.


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